About Spreckley

Spreckley is one of the UK’s leading public relations agencies for crisis communications. Based in London, we are global and work through the GlobalCom worldwide network of over 70 agencies. With over 20 years’ experience of creating and executing successful crisis communications strategies and campaigns, Spreckley’s specialist crisis communications teams offer our clients a deep understanding of current industry best practices to ensure they maintain a high level of trust between themselves and their customers, partners and the public at all times.

Our understanding and passion for crisis communications means that we are always able to put in place a set of best practices and processes that to meet each client’s individual corporate or crisis communications needs. In today’s always-on social media news landscape businesses, brands, organisations and individuals in the public eye always need to be prepared to protect their reputations and to deal with any unforeseen crises effectively. Spreckley is the go-to PR agency for any of your corporate PR or crisis communications needs.

About corporate PR and crisis communications

Establishing and maintaining a high level of trust and a positive reputation for your business, brand or organisation amongst your customers, partners and the wider public is the key objective of any effective crisis communications strategy or campaign. A crisis can consist of anything, from a minor mistake through to a serious error of judgement or even a natural disaster: essentially anything that could lead to negative news coverage that can negatively impact your reputation, erode your level of trust with the public and potentially lead to financial loss.

As it is impossible to foresee a crisis occurring, it is essential that you prepare a crisis communications plan and strategy in order to minimize the potential impact of any threats to your public reputation. At Spreckley, we make it our business to understand our clients, their businesses and their technologies, in order to create the appropriate crisis communications strategies and tools to help them achieve their business objectives.

Effective corporate PR and crisis Communications

An effective crisis communications strategy should include a set of best practices and processes to manage any potentially negative news about your brand, business or organisation. Preparation is everything. After all, the worst possible time to develop a crisis communications strategy is after a crisis has occurred. Spreckley develops the most effective crisis communications strategies for our clients, depending upon their individual needs and objectives.

Our experts crisis communications teams can help you to create a crisis communications plan, to media train and pre-brief your key spokespeople, help your in-house team with access to any relevant independent experts and ensure that your customers, partners and the public are properly updated by the media, social media and any other relevant channels. From creative content development through to proactive media and analyst relations, our crisis communications management teams are always on hand to ensure your business reputation remains intact throughout any crisis.

Why work with Spreckley?

Spreckley has over 20 years’ experience of delivering high-impact  crisis communications management campaigns for some of the world’s leading global businesses and most innovative start-ups and scale-ups.

What corporate PR and crisis communications services does Spreckley offer businesses?

From crisis communications strategy and creative content production through to analyst relations, media outreach and 24/7 crisis press office campaigns, Spreckley delivers the definitive  crisis communications management campaigns to meet your business objectives.

How is pricing determined?

Spreckley works with a wide range of businesses, from established global brands through to innovative new start-ups and scale-ups. As such, on every single campaign we offer all clients a highly competitive gold, silver and bronze pricing structure to ensure we deliver the right campaign for every budget. Alternatively, for any crisis communications campaign we can price a job as a one-off project or cost any project down to every 15 minutes, with accurate billings and detailed reporting.

How do you measure the results for corporate PR and crisis communications campaigns and tactics?

Share of voice (SoV) is the key metric that Spreckley uses to accurately measure the impact and effectiveness of all of our crisis management campaigns. SoV measures the percentage of all online content and conversations about your business or brand, compared with that of your key competitors. It enables Spreckley to provide all of our clients with measurable data based on number of mentions in the media, reach based on circulation or readership, or SoV based on negative or positive sentiment. SoV provides you with quantifiable data that illustrates how your crisis communications activity is delivering against your business objectives and goals.

Can you help us with corporate PR and crisis communications campaigns in other countries?

Yes. Spreckley is based in London and has an international footprint. We are global and work through the GlobalCom worldwide network of over 70 agencies.