23 Apr 2024

Meet the Team: Gaby White

What do you enjoy the most about working at Spreckley?

I enjoy the variety of clients – you can be working on one topic in the morning and something completely different in the afternoon.

In my role I get to do lots of writing, which is rare when you reach a senior level where the job can become primarily people management and admin. Having the freedom to write is something I really value, as it’s my favourite thing to do.

How did you hear about Spreckley and why did you want to join?

A recruiter contacted me about the job. I was actually in a Manchester Premier Inn when I did the initial Teams interview and was on my way to Sweden for a three-day workshop with a pharma company working on the first DNA-based Covid vaccine.

I had another offer at the time but gelled with Richard (Spreckley CEO) who seemed like someone I wanted to work for. The other agency was much larger in terms of headcount, and I was looking for something more boutique, so I didn’t lose the hands-on element of the job. Richard made it clear that would be the case and the rest is history.

What’s been the most exciting PR campaign you’ve worked on and why?

I’ve really enjoyed working with our client, UKG, on a whitepaper exploring personality types in the workplace. The results have been great, and the research has even been turned into an online personality quiz which is really fun. Plus part of the process included analysing pop culture figures and their own personality types, which isn’t something you do every day.

If you weren’t in PR, what would you be doing instead?

The options are endless – actor, singer, lion tamer…

I think it’s between two roles at opposite ends of the spectrum: interior designer or geologist (I loved geography when I was at school). I also like the idea of working in a spooky old library as an archivist a la Evie in The Mummy (1999). I’ve got a law degree and was going to be a solicitor, but I did a Masters in journalism instead and haven’t stepped foot in a courtroom since.

Tell us one thing about you that surprises people?

My middle name is spelt wrong. It was supposed to be Margaret (the same as my great grandmother) but when my mum signed my birth certificate she forgot how to spell it and missed out the a in the middle, so I’m Margret.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I love eating and drinking, ideally at the same time. Going to bars and restaurants and getting overcharged for bougie food is kind of my thing. Paul Ainsworth at No6 in Cornwall is the best meal I’ve had to date. My partner’s step dad left the restaurant saying it cost more than his first house deposit.

I also enjoy reading when I feel like bettering myself or whacking on some Real Housewives when I want to chill out. Any season is good with me, but the OGs in New York are particularly unhinged.

Who had the most influence on you growing up?

Probably my friends at school. Or Pikachu. I had all the Pokemon cards but never caught ‘em all – the TV shows and films were fantastic as well.

I was always jealous of Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail. He could barbeque something so easy with that bad boy. Cuddly but vicious.

What’s your go-to lunch on Leather Lane?

I live in Sheffield so don’t head to the Lane very often, but my favourite lunch near me is from a bakery called I Said Bread. They do great focaccia and sausage rolls and everything is homemade. I’ll often head down there for some fresh air and a flat white.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

I’m going to Paris in a couple weeks and doing a Michelin star boat ride down the Seine for my birthday. A nice boat and tasty food sounds like a great combo.

Favourite quote

I’ll be visiting Versailles soon, so it has to be “let them eat cake”. It’s famously attributed to Marie Antoinette, and rumour has it that it was falsely credited to her as propaganda against the monarchy. She’s one of my favourite historical figures, despite being oblivious to the real world (maybe that’s why I love Real Housewives so much…), plus it’s an interesting case of fake news!