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Successful PR in today's always-on 24/7 news cycle encompasses paid, earned, shared and owned media. With media relations focusing almost entirely on generating positive and valuable earned media coverage.

↹ Positive media relations

Positive media relations is about establishing and improving the relationship between a company or brand and the media. In order to tell your company’s or brand’s story well, a targeted and well-executed media relations campaign is essential. Unlike advertising or other forms of paid-for marketing, the real value of proactive and effective media relations is achieving recognition and endorsements from trusted news or industry media outlets.

🗠 Nurturing journalist relationships

Spreckley’s seasoned and experienced PR practitioners nurture and develop their own relationships with the leading, most relevant broadcast, digital and print media outlets and journalists. This enables us to ensure the right media outlets are covering your business’s news and running interview-based features, positioning your executives as thought leaders in their chosen field. 

“Our partnership with Spreckley has allowed us to get the word out and build a foundation for further expansion in the UK. Sean and his team of dedicated account managers have been instrumental in making this happen.”

— Lukas Gmys, Director of Growth (STX Next)

Understanding the media

Boost your visibility and messaging in the media.

Whether you wish to increase your visibility in the media, or want to better manage your company or brand’s messaging, our media relations experts are here to help. Our PR consultants provide a critical link between your marketing team and the world’s leading specialist, national or broadcast journalists.

Through constantly engaging and interactive with the editors, news writers, broadcasters, columnists, feature writers and other correspondents that are covering your industry, our media relations teams make sure that your message is clearly heard. 

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Cutting through

Cut through the media noise.

A vital component of ensuring that your message cuts through the noise and is communicated effectively to the media is understanding how the media works and what individual journalists want and need in order to do their job well. Reporters and media outlets exist in order to inform their readers, audiences and the wider public or any relevant news, trends and other developments of interest.

Crafting stories

Craft news and story angles that work.

From stories with international or national news value, right down to stories that are of value to very specific audiences or industry sectors, Spreckley’s media relations experts liaise closely with the right print, broadcast and digital journalists and editors in order to understand and craft the news and story angles they need to do their job well. 

The art of media relations

Balancing client's needs with the news agenda.

The art to successful media relations is in balancing a client’s marketing objectives and messages with the media’s need to report the news that matters, in an engaging, educational and informative manner. Which is why we work so hard to craft our client’s marketing messaging into news releases, media alerts and interview pitches that just do the job: getting your message across to the right reporters, journalists or broadcasters in a timely manner, in order to deliver high-value media coverage that helps you meet your business objectives.

Develop, create & pitch

Create newsworthy content that matters.

It is the job of a media relations team to constantly develop, create and pitch the news stories, trends pieces, thought leadership features and other newsworthy content of value to your company or brand. Spreckley’s PR consultants use their skills, knowledge, contacts and deep experience of national and international news media or specific B2B specialist media to craft the content you need to get your message out to your target audiences.

The most widely-read and trusted journalists and media outlets value their editorial integrity above and beyond anything else. Which is exactly why receiving their recognition or endorsement for your company, brand, product or services is so valuable. Spreckley’s media relations experts are here to make this happen.