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From vast improvements in security to streamlined customer service, the sudden emergence of the fintechs space has been the catalyst for improvements in the quality of service provided across global financial markets.

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Sector capabilities

Effective public relations helps your brand reach wider audiences, build lasting customer loyalty, and remain relevant in your industry and to your customers. Among others, our expertise includes content marketing & strategy, media relations & media training, data analytics and corporate communications.

Hands-on experience in the financial industry.

Hands-on experience in the financial industry

Spreckley is one of the UK’s leading public relations agencies for financial services and financial technology (fintech) businesses. Based in London, we are global and work through the GlobalCom worldwide network of over 70 agencies. With over 20 years’ experience of creating and executing successful public relations campaigns for financial services and fintech companies, Spreckley’s specialist finance and fintech PR teams bring a deep understanding of the finance and fintech sectors to every campaign.
Meaningful results aligned with the business case.

Meaningful results aligned with the business case

Our understanding and passion for financial services and fintech innovation means that we are truly able to understand our clients’ visions, helping them to develop the most effective and creative financial and fintech PR strategies to meet their individual needs. From increasing our clients’ share of voice in national, international and specialist finance and fintech media through to establishing them as experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, Spreckley is the go-to financial PR agency for financial services and fintech start-ups, SMEs and enterprises.
“Buckzy's relationship with Spreckley has been a true partnership - one that continues to grow and evolve with each event and placement. I would recommend Spreckley to anyone looking for a content and PR partner.”
Sarah Lambert
SVP, Marketing (Buckzy)

What's next for Financial Services and Fintech PR?

Financial Services Public Relations

As financial markets continue to expand in terms of complexity, distribution channels and especially technology, new opportunities and challenges arise, as well as new legal frameworks. PR plays a crucial role in addressing these.

Over the last 20 years, the global financial services industry has faced more technological disruption than almost any other sector. From the digitisation and automation of traditional consumer and business banking, insurance and other financial services through to the latest technological innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), biometrics, blockchain and others, technological advances continue to drive innovation in fintech.

Fintech continues to revolutionise the ways in which businesses and consumers interact and engage with a wide range of financial services, from securing loans, exchanging currencies, managing their finances and much more. At Spreckley, we make it our business to understand both our clients’ technologies and their business strategies and we strive to create effective financial PR and fintech PR strategies and tools to help them achieve their business objectives.

It's just the beginning for Fintech

A great many fintech solutions have emerged over the last 5 years, both in the B2B and B2C spaces, but fintech is really at the beginning of its journey. Getting noticed by the right audience has never been more important.

Whatever your goal, from raising investment or increasing your brand awareness amongst potential customers and partners through to establishing and maintaining a high level of customer trust and loyalty, we offer clients a wide range of winning communications strategies and techniques to ensure their key messages are properly communicated to the right audiences.

EST 1982 40 years of spreckley

We work across a number of industries with excellent results, but we are especially good – and well-connected with the media – when it comes to the tech sector. Our expertise in both the financial and tech industries puts Spreckley in a strong position where we’re able to adequately communicate to a variety of audiences using the right tone of voice.

From creative content development through to proactive media and analyst relations, our finance and fintech teams are able to create and deliver the best public relations strategy to ensure your business stands out as an expert and thought leader in this incredibly fast-moving and crowded market.


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B2B technology PR

A successful campaign in the B2B technology space involves establishing credibility and positioning yourself as a thought leader. We stay up to date with the latest news and developments to ensure your message is both current and highly targeted.

B2B technology PR

Healthcare PR and Healthtech PR

Understanding how innovation is changing the landscape of the healthcare sector holds the key to delivering a targeted and credible PR campaign.

Healthcare PR and healthtech PR

Retail PR and Retailtech PR

We have extensive experience growing brand recognition in the retail space through targeted PR campaigns that leverage the latest news, trends and innovations.

Retail PR and retailtech PR

Renewable Energy PR and Green Tech PR

The communications landscape is cluttered with climate and ESG-related messaging. We empower our clients to cut through the noise and deliver cutting-edge insights that resonate with the media and wider public.

Renewable energy, cleantech and greentech PR

Space and Aeronautics Technology PR

The space industry is in an exciting and unprecedented era of change. You need a PR agency who can keep up with the latest trends to ensure your insights resonate with the national and sector-specific press.

Space and aeronautics technology PR