An Introduction

Your business may be making a difference, but it’s important you’re able to convey this to the wider public. Our bespoke renewable energy PR, cleantech PR and greentech PR campaigns help you achieve this, coupling engaging content with a deep understanding of the media landscape.

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Sector Capabilities

We strive to secure consistent and influential coverage – without greenwashing or adding to the noise

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Hands-on industry experience

We are one of the UK’s leading public relations agencies for businesses in the renewables and clean technologies sector, with consistent results that speak for themselves. Although we’re based in London, we have a global reach by working through the GlobalCom’s worldwide network of over 70 agencies, and we go to great efforts to ensure we understand the local market and the needs of every audience.
Renewables - Windmills

Measurable results

With over 30 years’ experience of creating and executing successful PR campaigns for companies accelerating the renewable and green transition, Spreckley’s team brings experience, expertise, and perhaps most importantly, passion. Our understanding of the economic, political and media landscape, and the innovations that sit within it, allows us to get the messages that matter to the right people.
“I would recommend the team at Spreckley to anyone seeking a highly effective, creative, positive, enthusiastic, enjoyable group of professionals able to deliver, as well as push you in the best direction for success in raising public awareness.”
— Nikki Rudnick
Global Communications Lead, Resilient Cities Network

Making sure your message is heard by the right people

Spreckley develops a personalised, specific plan for our clients every time; whether your aim is to secure investment for your product or raise awareness for the vital work you are doing. Through getting the right content to the right media outlets, we help you get the shareholder and stakeholder interest that you need.


Integrated campaigns for cleantech

New technologies within the sustainability, green, renewables and net-zero spaces are being developed at a breathtaking rate, and thanks to the political, economic and public will that’s demanding such rapid change – this is only set to continue.

It could be said that the fate of entire ecosystems of the most vulnerable people, flora and fauna rely on these new inventions, and so the urgency cannot be understated – and as more people realise this, so do the brands and investors that can catalyse new technologies.

Greentech and cleantech industries are revolutionising the ways in which goods and information are manufactured, distributed, and consumed, and this affects everything, leading to substantial changes across other economic sectors.

Understanding how change and technology can both impact and provide opportunity for our clients, their message, and their business strategy is a number one priority – and something we always keep at the front of our minds.

EST 1982 40 years of Spreckley

We work across a number of industries with excellent results, but we are especially good – and well-connected with the media – when it comes to the tech sector. Our expertise in both the financial and tech industries puts Spreckley in a strong position where we’re able to adequately communicate to a variety of audiences using the right tone of voice.

From creative content development through to proactive media and analyst relations, our finance and fintech teams are able to create and deliver the best public relations strategy to ensure your business stands out as an expert and thought leader in this incredibly fast-moving and crowded market.

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Our markets

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B2B technology PR

Tech innovation is fast-paced and relentless. Successful B2B technology PR involves predicting and responding to industry changes, ensuring that your message earns the respect and recognition of your target audience.

B2B technology PR

Financial services PR and fintech PR

The fintech revolution has driven progress across global financial markets, improving security, communication and efficiency in the payments space and beyond.

Financial PR and fintech PR

Healthcare PR and healthtech PR

The healthcare space has undergone a technical evolution in recent years, with artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, wearables and wellness apps all coming to the fore. To build credibility in the healthtech sector, you need a PR agency that understands how care is evolving thanks to the latest technology.

Healthcare PR and healthtech PR

Retail PR and retailtech PR

Whether it’s physical stores embracing new technology or tech vendors bringing cutting-edge retail innovations to market, we understand how to get to get your message heard in the titles that have the strongest impact.

Retail PR and retailtech PR

Space and aeronautics technology PR

With over 30-years’ experience in the space and aeronautics industry, we know how to make sure your message is heard in this dynamic and ever-evolving sector.

Space and aeronautics technology PR