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Expert and knowledgeable analysts have a deep understanding of their specialist industry or field.

↹ Insightful analyst relations

Analysts are able to offer invaluable insight on current and forthcoming industry trends, technologies and business strategies to marketing directors and CMOs.

🗠 Develop your strategy

In addition to helping to develop your business strategy, having a proactive analyst relations team is also invaluable in terms of adding expert credibility to your marketing and PR messaging and content.

“Our partnership with Spreckley has allowed us to get the word out and build a foundation for further expansion in the UK. Sean and his team of dedicated account managers have been instrumental in making this happen.”

— Lukas Gmys, Director of Growth (STX Next)

The world's leading experts

Work with leading analysts and research groups.

Spreckley’s B2B and technology analyst relations teams nurture and manage relationships with some of the world’s leading experts on behalf of our clients.

We work closely with both independent specialist analysts and some of the leading global research groups, including Gartner, Forrester, IDC, 451 Research, Omdia, HFS Research, Everest Group, IHS Markit, NelsonHall and GlobalData.

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Specialist industry focus

We assist clients across a number of B2B verticals.

Spreckley’s analyst relations experts assist clients across a number of B2B verticals, specialising in fintech and financial services, health tech and healthcare, retail and enterprise technology. Our consultants help clients to establish and maintain valuable long-term relationships with the best-suited specialist industry analysts and experts, helping them to meet their business and marketing objectives.

Long-term strategy

Develop a tailored analyst relations strategy.

Depending upon your specific business needs and PR or marketing goals, our analyst relations experts can help you to identify the right independent analysts or research firms to work with. We will then work closely with you to develop a tailored analyst relations strategy or program, to leverage our relationships with leading business and technology analysts.

Vital industry insights

Timely and vital industry insights, information, data and networking opportunities.

Spreckley’s analyst relations experts work closely with clients to develop and execute strategies that enable their businesses to build great relationships with influential and objective third-party experts, analysts and research firms.

In addition to nurturing and managing relationships with the right industry analysts, Spreckley’s consultants help clients to develop and create the content that’s needed to support your business goals.

From industry white papers, customer case studies and specialist market research reports through to facilitating analyst briefings, our analyst relations specialists provide both analysts and clients alike with timely and vital industry insights, information, data, networking opportunities and more. Spreckley’s analyst relations teams are here to help you get what your business needs from the world’s leading industry experts.