An Introduction

Digital transformation and business continuity are at the heart of Spreckley’s creative, integrated and content-driven PR campaigns. Our expert teams of technology media PR consultants and experienced content strategists produce exceptional work for clients across the following sectors.

We specialise in: B2B technology; financial and fintech; healthcare and healthtech; retail and retailtech; renewable energy, cleantech and greentech; and space and aeronautics technology.

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B2B tech

The pace of change in consumer and B2B technology innovation is breath-taking. B2B technology PR understands this and works hard to find the most effective way to tell your story in order to grow your visibility and credibility with customers, partners and the wider public.

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Financial & FinTech

Innovation in fintech continues to disrupt the global finance market. Whether improving the back-office, developing stronger cybersecurity and identification protection, or consistently improving the customer experience, fintech innovators work alongside and compete with many of the world’s long-established banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

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Healthcare & Healthtech

Innovation in healthcare continues to impact upon the lives of millions worldwide, and an increasing focus on digital transformation within the sector ensures the market keeps moving at an incredible pace. We help brands create and establish an authentic and authoritative voice in order to effectively reach their target audiences.

> Healthcare & Healthtech

Retail & Retailtech

Online and digital technologies have fundamentally changed the ways in which we shop. From global omnichannel retail data, to supply chain management specialists to virtual reality (VR), success in retail and retailtech is heavily dependent upon your brand’s reputation amongst industry peers, competitors, customers and consumers alike.

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Renewable energy, cleantech & greentech

From innovations that clean up or improve the technologies we rely on today, such as new batteries, to the cutting-edge inventions that could usher in a new hope in the fight against climate change, such as carbon capture – ‘cleantech’ or ‘greentech’ are areas of research, investment and innovation as varied as they are vital.

> Renewable energy, cleantech & greentech

Aerospace & space technology

Leading impactful communications campaigns for the space and aeronautics industry for over three decades. Our proactive creative campaigns and media relations outreach ensures that businesses stand out as trusted voices in a hugely versatile and growing market through.

> Aerospace & space technology