Spreckley has ensured that we received hugely impactful news coverage from leading national and international news outlets, from the likes of the BBC, AP News, Sky News, The Times and CNN, and hundreds of other respected news sources. I can’t imagine a better execution of campaign!
Anton Zajac, co-founder and CEO,
KleinVision (AirCar)
"Spreckley has been an amazing PR agency partner for us. Initially, we approached Spreckley with a tight set of aims, and together we have expanded our efforts to new industries. We’ve developed a symbiotic, friendly and respectful working relationship – and we recommend them whole-heartedly.”
Alice Barrett, Head of Marketing,
“Our partnership with Spreckley has allowed us to get the word out and build a foundation for further expansion in the UK. Sean and his team of dedicated account managers have been instrumental in making this happen.”
Lukas Gmys, Director of Growth,
STX Next