We are experts in telling your story to the right audience

Today’s modern PR professional has come a long way from the image of pitching to the media. Each day is different and could comprise of conducting surveys, writing news announcements, blogs and tweets, building influencer communities, planning PPC campaigns and organising video testimonials.

The industry has come a long way and clients are looking to their agencies for integrated marketing communications skills alongside an ability to show demonstrable business returns.

That’s why we have become firm advocates of the integrated PESO model.

What is an Integrated PESO Model?

The PESO model is a clear and simple way of highlighting the work we do. It shows the interconnection it takes for a successful communications programme. Over the past few years we have evolved our business to ensure that we can offer services against every element of it.

Paid Media

Paid media includes paid amplification, sponsored content, native advertising, or sponsorships of influential blogs. It should also take the form of sponsored updates.

We have a strong history in creating highly focused and successful sponsored campaigns and are today White Labelling services from a number of highly innovative, disruptive platforms to further extend the reach of disruptive brands across multiple markets.

Earned Media

Also known as media relations, this is what Spreckley is famous for. After all we proudly claim that if you want press coverage by the bucket full, you have come to the right place!

This is our legacy and while historically it was defined as cultivating relationships with journalists, it has today expanded to include building relationships with bloggers, industry analysts, thought leaders, and other influencers who may eventually share content we have created with you in mind.

Shared Media

Shared media or social as many of us understand it today is around us all the time and at Spreckley it is our contention that you need consistent shared media messaging to amplify your brand.

As a result we ensure that no matter what content is created we think laterally delivering shared content assets at the same time.

Shared media plays a crucial role in influencer marketing. It takes time, can be resource intense and you will need a partner that understands what platform is best for you and your business.

From writing content for multiple platforms, through to automated posting and evaluation, Spreckley has bought together a team of experts who can help guide you through the maze.

One final thought on shared media: it is the perfect way to amplify your earned media coverage – and we are not shy about doing that for you!

Owned Content

This is by far the easiest place to start for the simple reason you can control the messaging.

Spreckley has built an impressive team of content creators to aid you in producing everything from website copy and white papers to blogs, press releases and bylines.

From website construction to design and layout and from video to animation we can address your entire content needs.

Under the PESO model once you have your owned content, you’ll use shared media to distribute it, paid media to amplify it, and earned media to rubber-stamp it.