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Healthtech industry growth has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s vital that any PR campaigns targeted at this space react to the latest developments.

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From increasing our clients’ share of voice in national, international and specialist media, through to establishing them as experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, Spreckley is the go-to PR agency for healthcare and healthtech / medtech start-ups, SMEs and enterprises.

Extensive experience.

Extensive experience

As one of the UK’s leading public relations agencies for the healthcare industry, Spreckley is based in London but can operate globally through GlobalCom, a worldwide network of over 70 specialist agencies. We don’t just rely on experience. To ensure success, we pay close attention to understand each client’s specific business requirements and the audience so we can develop the most effective and creative PR strategies, and provide tangible results.
Measurable results.

Measurable results

We are able to provide expert knowledge and extensive hands-on experience to build stakeholder trust and brand awareness – create long-standing relationships between the healthcare service providers and the public, as well as help successfully launch and market new healthcare products and technology solutions.
“Our partnership with Spreckley has allowed us to get the word out and build a foundation for further expansion in the UK. Sean and his team of dedicated account managers have been instrumental in making this happen.”
— Lukas Gmys
Director of Growth (STX Next)

PR campaigns across the healthcare & healthtech industry

Whatever your goals as an innovator, from raising funding or increasing your brand awareness amongst potential stakeholders, customers and partners through to establishing and maintaining a high level of patient trust and clinician loyalty, we offer clients a wide range of winning healthcare PR strategies to ensure their key messages are properly communicated to the right audiences.

From creative content development through to proactive media relations and beyond, our teams are able to create and execute impactful multi-channel PR and marketing strategies across to ensure your business stands out as an expert and thought leader in this incredibly fast-moving and crowded market, and continues to grow. We understand the market and we’re excellent at building lasting relationships with key decision makers.

Healthcare is evolving

At Spreckley, we make it our business to understand both our clients’ technologies and their business strategies and we strive to create effective communications strategies and tools to help them achieve their business objectives.

The rapid pace of healthcare technology innovation in digital and connected technologies over the last 20 years has revolutionised the healthcare industry, improving the quality of healthcare provision around the world.

It continues to evolve with an ever-increasing emphasis on digital transformation from the applications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, e-health and remote diagnostics, voice recognition and biometrics, mobile health and wellness apps, fitness wearables and more.

Innovation in healthcare is helping to save lives and improve the overall quality of people’s health and lifestyles worldwide. We’re seeing new ways in which doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals interact and engage with patients, hospitals, funding bodies and other healthcare institutions.

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We work across a number of industries with excellent results, but we are especially good – and well-connected with the media – when it comes to the tech sector. Our expertise in both the financial and tech industries puts Spreckley in a strong position where we’re able to adequately communicate to a variety of audiences using the right tone of voice.

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B2B technology PR

The B2B technology space is accelerating at a rapid pace, and businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse to stay up-to date with the relevant trends. A targeted B2B technology PR campaign will reflect relevant industry developments and convey a breadth of knowledge to your target audience.

B2B technology PR

Financial Services PR and Fintech PR

The global financial market has experienced drastic increases in efficiency since a host of fintech innovators burst onto the scene. From improvements in cybersecurity and identification protection to the democratisation of payments, competition in the finance space has accelerated growth at an unprecedented speed.

Financial PR and fintech PR

Retail PR and Retailtech PR

From tech vendors looking to establish themselves in niche sectors of the retail market to online retailers with a considerable market share, we understand how to amplify a client’s message in the retail press.

Retail PR and retailtech PR

Renewable Energy PR and Green Tech PR

The topic of sustainability is more pertinent than ever before. We help climate tech firms amplify their message to the right audience and demonstrate how they are contributing to net zero transition.

Renewable energy, cleantech and greentech PR

Space and Aeronautics Technology PR

When looking for a partner to spread your message in the space and aeronautics press, you need experience, knowledge and a strong understanding of the media landscape. Having worked in the sector for over 30 years, we’re the perfect candidate to make sure you’re heard by the right people.

Space and aeronautics technology PR