GCPR World Map

GlobalCom reach

Our international reach via GlobalCom

Based in London, Spreckley team is global and work through the GlobalCom worldwide network of over 70 likeminded agencies. The map shows our reach internationally and where our partners are based.

One team

Each agency within the network is owner driven and independent, just like us.

Spreckley is an international PR agency well positioned to lead and manage International English language markets, coordinating across western Europe and the US.

GlobalCom partners allow us to turn on and turn off regions and markets as required, with Spreckley at the center of all content creation in English language, driving consistent messaging and PR strategy whilst keeping costs manageable, unlike large agency models.


As required, we loop in any of the local market partners for translation, adaption and distribution of content on the ground, with Spreckley and your account lead managing the network relationships and all agencies reporting into Spreckley for a coordinated approach, meaning:

  • One reporting contact
  • One billing / invoice contact
  • One PR strategy & message
  • One PR team