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Clearly setting out our client's long-term business goals is the key building block that helps us to plan and deliver effective strategic PR advice and counsel for our clients. This PR strategy then informs the range and mix of specific communications strategies, tactics and campaigns that are needed to achieve these business goals.

↹ Integrated PR strategies

In today’s always-on, 24/7 social media age, any useful PR strategy is an ‘integrated’ strategy, comprising media, social media, physical and virtual events and more. An integrated PR strategy has to encompass all forms of paid, earned, shared and owned media, in line with the industry-wide accepted ‘PESO model’.

🗠 Building brand recognition

It is no longer useful or possible to think of media in the pre-digital siloed manner, where ‘paid media’ was the preserve of advertising and ‘earned media’ was the primary focus of PR. In today’s world, an effective PR strategy helps to build, establish and a business or brand’s reputation through a deep understanding of the impact of the convergence of paid, earned, shared and owned media on the organisation.

“Our partnership with Spreckley has allowed us to get the word out and build a foundation for further expansion in the UK. Sean and his team of dedicated account managers have been instrumental in making this happen.”

— Lukas Gmys, Director of Growth (STX Next)

The PESO approach to PR

Develop a holistic and strategic approach to PR.

The PESO approach to PR strategy demands that brands, businesses and organisations develop a long-term, holistic and strategic approach to public relations. At Spreckley we always start by identifying a client’s long-term business and marketing goals and objectives.

This helps to gain a deep understanding of how multiple different PR tactics and elements – from media relations to analyst relations, content strategy, social media and influencer marketing through to event management and more – can be deployed and work together to achieve an organisation’s long-term business goals and objectives.

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Owned media

Perfect the content on your own channels.

Owned media most often refers to the content that is published on your website, in addition to other owned marketing content such as brand magazines, blogs, eBooks, white papers, podcasts and other owned media assets. At Spreckley, we have the resources you need to ensure you create the best owned media content and assets to meet your business needs.

Shared media

Share content and PR wins on social media.

Shared media most often refers to content that is hosted on and shared via your social media platforms – primarily channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. At Spreckley, our social media experts ensure that our clients’ PR content and messages are always publicised and amplified via these shared media channels.

Earned media

Earn valuable media coverage for your business.

Earned media most often refers to traditional media coverage, achieved by pitching news, features, interviews and other stories of interest to specialist journalists, influential bloggers and social media influencers with large followings. At Spreckley, our media and influencer relations teams leverage deep relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers to obtain valuable earned media coverage, boosting search engine optimisation (SEO) for your business, brand or organisation.

Paid media

Publicise and amplify your PR messaging.

Spreckley’s paid media specialists look to add value to all PR campaigns by developing the best strategies to publicise and amplify a client’s PR messaging: from pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google or LinkedIn and promoted posts on social media platforms, through to native content (or sponsored content) campaigns with established media outlets, platforms and channels.

Analyst Relations

Analyst Relations

We skilfully nurture and manage relationships with some of the world’s leading experts on behalf of our clients.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Researching and producing data-driven or narrative-based text and video content to inform, persuade and capture imagination.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Crisis comms experts and reputation management specialists to help organisations maintain a high level of trust & credibility.

Media Relations

Media Relations

The most widely-read and trusted journalists and media outlets value their editorial integrity above and beyond anything else.