Spreckley launches flying AirCar to global media

The client

KleinVision‘s AirCar (V5) is the latest generation flying car that transforms from road vehicle into air vehicle in less than 3-minutes. Useful for leisure and self-driving journeys, and also as a commercial taxi service, the dual mode transformation vehicle can go from driving to flying mode with the click of a button.

As the brainchild of professor Stefan Klein, AirCar has been developed by KleinVision since 2017 and represents a brand new, patented technology. 12 patents protect a new and unique way of transformation from aircraft to car and vice versa. The vehicle takes you from ground to sky with a take-off of 300m reaching speeds up to 200 km/h.

The goals

Following two successful AGL flights at Piestany airport in Slovakia in October 2020, AirCar wanted global media exposure. This was the ‘official launch’ of the vehicle, so KlienVision wanted to generate news stories in technology, aeronautics and mainstream news media, globally.

Total coverage

In the two weeks following the launch date, a total of 1282 pieces of coverage were achieved.

Top publications

Coverage included the likes of: Financial Times, USA Today, CNN, AOL, Aviation Week, FlightGlobal, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star, UniLad, Verdict, Daily Mail & Metro and many more.

Estimated reach

An estimated reach of 3,054,705,576 unique users was achieved over the period of the two-week news campaign.

Media quotes

Futuristic flying ‘AirCar that can transform from a road vehicle into a plane in under THREE MINUTES takes to the skies for the first time – Daily Mail

Watch this flying car complete its first flight. Klein Vision’s AirCar reached an altitude of 1500 feet and completed two take-offs and landings during its maiden flight – CNN Business

Car that can turn into plane to go on sale ‘within next six months’ – The Telegraph

Flying car transforms from land to air vehicle in less than 3 minutes – USA Today

Mind-blowing AirCar turns into airplane in three minutes – and soars over traffic at 125mph – The Sun

I marvelled at the way the wings of the AirCar mechanically unfurled… and held my breath as I watched it land without the high undercarriage that helps regular planes absorb runway bumps…- Financial Times

The future of personal transport moved a step closer last week as Klein Vision announced its flying car had completed airport flight testing – The Sunday Times

Geographical reach

Pick-up was seen across the globe, with 16% of coverage coming from North American media, 5% in the UK, 7% from Indian publications and 5% from China-based outlets.

Social media

After two weeks following the launch date, KleinVision’s YouTube video showing the test flight received over 2.77 million new views.