18 Apr 2024

Showcasing OmniIndex’s AI, web3 and blockchain expertise

The client

OmniIndex is a web3 and blockchain powered data platform that uses AI and patented fully homomorphic encryption technology to ensure data is secure, whilst remaining available to analytics. OmniIndex’s solution allows users to be confident they can use their most sensitive and confidential data when and where they want it, with no risk of exposure.

The goals

At the start of our partnership OmniIndex had no media profile whatsoever, meaning the Spreckley team had to start from the ground up.

The OmniIndex team set out to launch their consumer blockchain product Dropblock within the first two months of working together and needed to follow it with partnership announcements, customer wins and regular commentary on key issues relating to AI, web3 and blockchain to maintain a healthy share of voice.

The solution

Spreckley delivered exceptional coverage across the board within the first 12 months working together. By first raising the profile of OmniIndex’s CEO through reactive opportunities, it allowed the OmniIndex team to build key media relationships to deliver proactive announcements about product launches and partnerships.

Alongside this, Spreckley also maintained a proactive approach to commentary opportunities, responding to the news agenda.

The achievement

Spreckley drafted press releases announcing OmniIndex’s new customer wins and partnerships and launched its new products.

The team also produced a steady stream of thought leadership content and proactively pitched to secure interviews in the likes of Yahoo Finance, The Daily Mail, The Times and more.

In just one year of working with Spreckley, OmniIndex was featured in the likes of The Times (Raconteur), Yahoo Finance, Daily Mail, TheNextWeb and Silicon Republic.