22 Apr 2022

Spreckley launches dedicated clean and greentech PR offering on Earth Day 2022

London, April 22, 2022 – As part of its wider mission to promote clients working towards a safe, sustainable, and equitable world for all, Spreckley PR has launched a new, dedicated clean and greentech PR division. The new practice is set to build on recent campaign successes for clients such as Klein Vision’s AirCar, the Resilient Cities Network, and UFODRIVE.

Spreckley’s clean and greentech clients are true innovators – developing technologies that are essential building blocks for the future of smarter cities, zero-emissions mobility ecosystems, and other vital innovations.

“The climate crisis is an imminent threat – and PR agencies have a positive role to play in environmental sustainability education and campaigning,” says Richard Merrin, Managing Director of Spreckley Partners.

“We also have an instrumental role in shaping consumer opinion, and therefore business action and Government policy – and so it is essential we do good work for the world. Spreckley’s dedicated, specialist team offers clean and greentech innovators access to leading journalists, analysts, and content creators to help them achieve their sustainable business goals in 2022 and beyond.

“This important role comes with responsibility – and therefore those in the PR, marketing and advertising industry should look more closely at who they work with, and the information they put out into the world. The industry should have a zero-tolerance policy to spreading climate misinformation, and this would be far more beneficial to the planet than writing emotive blogs or ride share schemes.”

Anum Davis, New Business Director at Spreckley Partners, commented: “The PR industry as a whole is often talking about their efforts to be better citizens, employers, and businesses. It is time to see these words put into action. Therefore, I am thrilled to be part of the new green/cleantech offering – and dedicating more time and effort to one of the amazing green technologies being created every day, or on a business that is doing meaningful, positive work for the world.

“I am the first point of contact with businesses looking for PR – and it is vital people in my position think critically about who they work with. Focus PR efforts on representing one of the many amazing cleantech and greentech businesses out there and consider saying no to work if you feel it isn’t positive for the environment; we all have a responsibility to do what we can.”