28 May 2015

The importance of video within a marketing campaign

Aaron Carty – Executive Producer at Carve Productions

As a digital media production company that specialises in video production, it’s very difficult for me to imagine how a marketing campaign would succeed without at least one video. The attention span of your consumer is now less than three seconds as they swipe through their various news and social media feeds. Facebook and Instagram are aware of this and have made uploading video content easier and having the video automatically play as you scroll through your feed.

This is a particular challenge to us, as we have to create a video that captures the consumer’s attention within 3 seconds. If this is done successfully, you’re more likely to engage with that consumer for longer than you would have done by having any other type of content. If the consumer watches and can engage with those three seconds you’re more likely to keep them for up to 60-seconds, twice as long as a TV commercial when they’re sitting on the sofa unlikely to move.

We are all incredibly lazy when it comes to absorbing information, so the key message within a video can be explained quickly whilst visually stimulating us.

You can have a lot of fun with this and create a video that delivers a key message, that is ‘on brand’ and gives the opportunity of a call-to-action for the consumer. Whether it’s to go to your website, share the video to increase awareness or buy your product directly through the social media platform they are on.

That’s not to say a video within a marketing campaign is easy, it’s still one asset to an entire campaign that has to integrate PR as part of the strategy to identify the key and relevant audience and outlets that are likely to share your video to the masses. Content within a video is far more likely to be shared and picked up by journalists and bloggers who want good quality content on their platforms.

We work closely with Spreckley Partners to create video that can increase the strength, visuals message of your PR campaign.