22 Sep 2022

Six months as a Junior Account Executive

Written by Lydia van Wijk, Junior Account Executive at Spreckley.

Well, it’s official; six months ago I was at the local Spice Box celebrating my first day on the job.

It feels like only yesterday I was panicking the night before my first day about dress code and first impressions. Time moves fast and looking back I can say time really does fly when you are having fun.

As I reflect on my first six months, I see the monumental highs and the “please earth, swallow me now” moments that I know I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It has been a journey I have thoroughly enjoyed, some moments more than others, but I have learned equally important lessons, nonetheless.

While there are some parts of the job that followed my expectations, others thoroughly surprised me in a good way.

The world of tech PR

The digital age we live in is forever changing and evolving, and it is not going to go away. The leaps technology takes daily are mind-bending, and my job has allowed me to be at the forefront of new product launches, research, and the promotion of some truly amazing technology businesses.

I am not going to lie; when I first started in Tech PR, I had no clue what some of the jargon and technology were or meant. But I am learning and getting to take part in showcasing groundbreaking tech that changes the world in both large and small ways, but equally for the better.

International relationships

Spreckley Partners is a member of GlobalCom (GCPR) and I didn’t know exactly what that was coming into the job. But now I see how many opportunities an international membership can bring to an organisation and its employees.

During my first six months, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous international businesses looking to raise awareness for themselves in the UK. Building international connections and being able to be up to date and exposed to international media and technology is extremely valuable. This exposure has acted as a delightful surprise and certainly has cemented the desire for working with international businesses which expose you to diverse cultures and media.

Team dynamics

Teamwork makes the dream work. That’s what they say, right? While at Spreckley I have been able to witness first-hand how important it is to have good chemistry in the office. Having a workspace that allows for professional growth in addition to a playful atmosphere is something I will always want in a workplace. An environment that allows for growth while simultaneously being enjoyable, where you can laugh and build relationships with others who are supportive and truly are on your team.

Productivity is largely increased in environments like these. Something that I knew, but never experienced before Spreckley. Going forward in my career, wherever it takes me, I will always be sure to ask about team dynamics, because teamwork really does make the dream work.

Celebrate the small victories

The first time I secured tier-one coverage, I was jumping up and down in my living room. I was so incredibly proud of myself for the research I did into which journalists would find my client’s story interesting, how I drafted my pitch, all the way down to sending my client the coverage updates with their target publications secured.

I have learned its moments like these that give you the ‘high’ in your work. It is what makes the job enjoyable and what helps fuel your desire to keep going. Celebrating achievements is essential for keeping your love for the job alive, whether that’s treating yourself to lunch, calling friends and family, jumping around like crazy, or like me, all three! The possibilities are truly endless.

As a last note. You know when you do something awesome, and you are given that pat on the back by your colleagues? Nobody ever dislikes a little recognition. You know that about yourself, I know that about myself, so take it from me, others like it too.

Something I love about being on the team I have is the endless support and celebration of achievement that takes place. Everyone is excited for everyone. Everyone congratulates everyone. Fostering an environment where the team feels seen, appreciated, and recognised for their achievements is needed in all workspaces. And guess what! It can start with you.