3 Aug 2020


Spreckley news

Spreckley sponsors Pop Up Invicta Academy London

Spreckley, the UK’s independent B2B technology PR agency, is sponsoring the London Invicta Summer Academy, which aims to provide free remote teaching online to pupils aged between five and 16 over the summer.

Richard Merrin, managing director, Spreckley, stated: “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on schooling. We need to get the children of London learning again before September 2020 or the attainment gap could widen by up to to 75 per cent according to figures from the Department of the Education. This is our way of giving back to the local community and we are proud to be associated with this amazing initiative.”

The Invicta Summer Academy is focusing on the core subjects of English and maths at this point, and already, thousands of children have signed up not just in London but across the country.

Invicta will be staffed by qualified teachers offering real curriculum-based lessons to pupils free of charge so they can make real progress, not fall further behind while they’re away from the classroom.

Leila Roy who is one of the fundraisers for Invicta London, stated: “This is such an important initiative here in London. A huge number of children in the city have lost valuable education as a result of the pandemic that efforts have to be made this summer to ensure no-one is left behind. We would welcome help and donations from anyone living or working here in the capital all of which will go a long way to helping those left behind.”

Mr Merrin continued: “Invicta Academy London follows the model launched in Kent, where it has secured the backing of a number of local councils, charities, and Members of Parliament. It’s now spreading across the country: steered by volunteers through a non-profit, staffed by teachers, and benefiting children everywhere.”

Invicta Summer Academy will also offer showcase sessions with well-known personalities who will inspire the children of London to be more aspirational and think about careers that they may never have considered!

The Academy has also set up a GoFundMe page.