8 Jul 2024

B2B Tech news: substitute teachers, autonomous shipping, and EV charging hubs

Despite the general election dominating the news cycle, June still produced some significant stories in the world of B2B Tech. Recruitment start-up Zen Educate made the headlines with its revolutionary approach to cutting out the middleman for schools and substitute teachers, Orca AI made strides in its mission to deliver autonomous shipping, and Be.EV announced a huge cash injection to accelerate the growth of the UK’s EV charging network. 


Education start-up Zen Educate secures largest EdTech funding round of 2024

In 2024, substitute teachers are in high demand. The challenge is placing them in the right schools at the right time and avoiding the often exorbitant recruitment costs (often rising as high as 35%). 

This is where Zen Educate shines. Carving a new segment in the market, the algorithm-based platform matches schools with teachers to suit their needs. This month, the platform secured an industry-topping £29.1 million. It is certainly one to look out for in the future. 

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Be.EV announces £55 million cash injection to UK EV charging network

Whilst it is very likely that EVs are the future of automotive, building the infrastructure to facilitate millions of electricity-hungry drivers is a hefty challenge. With their latest funding round, it’s clear that Be.EV is taking this challenge in its stride.

The electric charging network just announced £55 million worth of funding from NatWest and KfW IPEX-Bank. This funding represents a major step in the road to a fully functioning EV charging infrastructure. 

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Orca AI brings autonomous shipping to reality 

With AI, the focus in the news has often been on Generative AI, particularly with Google, OpenAI and other major players all competing for AI supremacy. Orca AI are taking a different approach, using their AI-based operational platforms to automate ships and fleets. 

Not only does Orca AI’s automation save money and reduce risk, it also makes shipping more sustainable by preventing unnecessary maneuvers that cause fuel burn. 

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