24 Aug 2016

Is a celebrity endorsement right for your campaign?

Jessica Davis – Senior Account Manager at Spreckley

Using celebrity endorsement as part of a PR campaign can be a very effective tool for raising awareness, influencing opinions, attracting new customers and brand positioning. This is especially true for smaller or lesser known brands who are looking to break through the wider noise and position themselves above competitors to gain recognition with a specific audience.

However, when thinking about a celebrity endorsement it’s essential that you find the right fit. Before executing a campaign with a celebrity, consider these points to ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

Firstly, what is your aim?

Prior to launching any promotional campaign, it’s key that you set clear objectives. What are you hoping to achieve through a celebrity endorsement? To reach a wider audience, define your identity or to launch a new product? Outlining this will help to direct the type of celebrity you choose to work with and why.


How relevant is the celebrity to your campaign? If there isn’t a strong link, there is no point in working with them. You need to ensure that they are connected to the cause / product / service, not only to present a clear association to the public, but to also ensure they’re passionate about your campaign.

Brand synergy

Similarly, there should be a correlation between your brand values and morals to the celebrity’s. If you are, for example, passionate about the community and giving back, ensure your celebrity is passionate about this too. The more synergies between your brand and the celebrity, the more effective the endorsement will be.


You also need to consider how credible the celebrity is to your target audience. Ensure you understand your audience and only work with a celebrity who is well recognised and respected within that demographic.

Weigh up the potential risks

Is your celebrity likely to hinder the campaign through any controversial statements or actions? If so, is this really worth it? It’s always important to consider what could go wrong so that you can be prepared for the worst and decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Make sure you aren’t working with a celebrity for the sake of a well-known face and consider the above for a successful endorsement campaign!