27 Jan 2021

MedTech Wednesday: Digital innovation in the fight against HIV

MedTech Wednesday is our regular check-in here at Spreckley, where we share all the most interesting and useful healthcare innovation and health technology news and trends.

This week, we look at the new Medical Technologies Innovation Facility in Nottingham, a new digital imagining system that’s being deployed across Greater Manchester and the latest digital innovation being deployed in the fight against HIV in Chelsea and Westminster.


MedTech innovation in Nottingham

Building Better Healthcare reports this week on a new facility launching at Nottingham Trent University set to produce the next generation of medical devices and technologies.

Work has been completed on a new Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) at Nottingham Trent University,” reads the report.

“The two-storey building at the university’s Clifton Campus is part of a new dual-site facility which will produce the next generation of medical devices and technologies. The £23m unit will bring organisations and clinicians together with university researchers to develop their ideas and get them to market as quickly as possible.

“The site on the Clifton Campus was developed by Henry Brothers and will focus on research and development, linking academics with industry to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to medical technology development. A second facility, at the Boots site on the Nottingham Enterprise Zone, will be dedicated to the development, clinical production and commercialisation of new medical technologies.” 


Digital Imaging Innovation in The Pennines

A new digital imaging innovation is being rolled out by the Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust across Greater Manchester this month, reports this week.

Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust has deployed a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) from Sectra as part of a new region wide approach to analysing patient images,” reads the report.

“Pennine is the first of eight trusts in the Greater Manchester area to deploy the technology from Sectra, which aims to support faster diagnoses and region-wide collaboration. The technology enables the analysis of x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, mammography and other diagnostic images, and could be used to support new possibilities around artificial intelligence (AI).

“It comes after the Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board signed a landmark contract with medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra in October 2020. The agreement is one of the largest imaging initiatives of its kind in the NHS and in Europe.”


Innovation in fight against HIV

Finally this week, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with ViiV Healthcare launches a new digital tool to help in the ongoing fight against HIV. reports: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and ViiV Healthcare have partnered up to launch a new digital service to help HIV care. Klick uses digital tools to triage patients according to clinical need and is supported by a mobile app allowing patients to manage appointments, complete health assessments, review results and communicate with their healthcare team.

“The new service is being gradually launched to patients at the Kobler Outpatient Clinic, one of the largest centres of HIV care in Europe and is then planned to expand to larger patient populations across multiple sites at the trust in the coming months.”