19 Jan 2022

How should the NHS prioritise future tech investments?

MedTech Wednesday is our regular check-in here at Spreckley, where we share all the most interesting and useful healthcare innovation and health technology news and trends.

This week we will be looking at Sectra and their new medical imaging systems selected by NHS trusts, Cegedim Healthcare solutions introduction of robot integration and how the NHS should prioritise future tech investments.

Sectra medical imaging system selected for NHS trusts

Five NHS trusts across Surrey and Sussex have selected Sectra to install a new picture archiving and communication system according to The use of this new cloud-based solution should allow medical professionals to make quicker and more focused decisions leading to improved and more enhanced care for their patients.

The introduction of PACS will make the use and process of diagnostic easier for medical staff with there being no need for third-party visualisation tools to be opened on a different screen. Furthermore, the use of this new software will allow for a quicker result in terms of diagnostic reports helping to improve the efficiency of specialists who are already in great demand. Additionally, the new system will also produce clearer and more accurate imaging reports with graphs, pictures and hyperlinks being included to allow for the accurate treatments of cases.

Dr Benjamin Salt, clinical lead for the ‘consortium’, said:

“Wherever in the group, a patient has their scan, clinicians will have instant access to that imaging to inform their judgement, rather than having to request it to be uploaded and downloaded by imaging teams.”

Robot integration introduced by Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

Cegedim Healthcare solutions announced this week that they will be introducing a new integration for pharmacies using robots’ reports This shift to robotic innovation will allow pharmacies to provide an extended choice and provide additional flexibility to their workflow thus being beneficial to both pharmacists and their patients.

Cegedim has stated that the integration will allow for pharmacists to spend less time completing administrative actions, providing them with more time to focus on providing the best care and advice to their patients.

Adam Dennett, managing director, ‘Cegedim Healthcare Solutions’, said:

“We are confident that our new integration with collection robots and partnership with MedPoint and Pharmaself24 will allow pharmacists to spend more time delivering care, offering professional advice and improving their business and sales whilst delivering a convenient service for both themselves and their patients.” 

How and what should the NHS be prioritising for future tech investments

With the release of the 2021 Autumn budget and spending review, it was identified that the government has provided 2.1 billion, to send over the next three years to support innovative use of digital technology Health Business reports. The technology investment presented provides a needed boost to an ever-struggling organisation with a heavily pressurised IT infrastructure.

The initial issue for NHS tech leaders is identifying where the money should be allocated. There must be an initial focus on digital transformation, providing improved technology to improve efficiency for professionals and introducing better services for the public. Yet there are vital areas of core infrastructure that are also in need of significant investment and modernisation.

It is clear the NHS requires technological investment but there must be a focus on cybersecurity prevention, protection and recovery to reduced cybercriminal activity. Additionally, the NHS must replace legal infrastructure and address technical debt moving away from old systems. Lastly, there must be a focus on digital innovation such as investments and upgrades to the NHS app.