21 Oct 2020

MedTech Wednesday: new London-based smoking cessation startup Quit Genius

MedTech Wednesday is our weekly check-in here at Spreckley, where we share all the most interesting and useful healthcare innovation and health technology news and trends.

This week, we look at the latest in self-driving laboratories, a new London-based smoking cessation startup and the future for mobile computing in COVID-19 tests.


Quit quickly with Quit Genius

Firstly, it’s good to see the London heath tech scene is flourishing, with local health tech startup ‘Quit Genius’ landing an $11m round of Series A investment from Octopus Ventures to develop its smoking cessation tech.

“The company uses cognitive behavioural therapy aims to aid users in quitting smoking and vaping tobacco products,” BDaily reports.

“Quit Genius is expected to use the funding to expand into other types of addiction, including alcohol and opioid addiction.”


Self-driving laboratory innovation

Elsewhere, HealthEuropa asks if self-driving laboratories are the future for health tech, with IDTechEx identifying “three core technology pillars that are required for the advent of self-driving laboratories, including laboratory informatics, materials informatics, and robotics.

“Self-driving laboratories, whereby a lab automatically chooses what experiments to do, robotically carries this out, tracks the reaction with integrated sensors, acquires and analyses the results, and then decides what experiment to do next, may be far from being achieved.”

IDTechEx has released a detailed report about materials informatics, explaining how the latest developments in laboratory informatics and robotics point the way forward for self-driving labs.


Latest mobile COVID-19 testing tech

Finally, Healthtech Magazine reports on the latest developments in mobile computing to support COVID-19 testing.

Intuitive portable devices can make the open-air exchange at drive-through testing sites safer and more efficient, according to the latest report.

“Mobile devices such as Zebra Technologies’ TC52-HC handheld computer offer a solution for busy drive-through testing sites. The TC52-HC, the company’s third-generation healthcare mobility device, resembles a typical smartphone but offers plenty of unique features to make COVID-19 testing sites more accurate and efficient.”

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