7 Jul 2016

The Millennial impact on PR

Beau Bass – Senior Account Executive at Spreckley

With an increasing number of millennials entering the workplace, we’re well on our way to making up a significant proportion of the global workforce. Like any generation, we can’t be placed in one homogenous group. Although we’re different in nature to former generations, all too often these distinctions are reduced to indolent stereotypes.

Millennials are the most researched and measured generation in history. And, despite the bad reputation, millennial characteristics have the ability to directly benefit the world of PR.

Tech savvy
The first generation to grow up permanently connected to the world, millennials can be somewhat defined by proficiency and reliance on technology. We have a positive attitude towards all things tech, compared to other generations, because we were practically brought up on it. The fact is that those who didn’t grow up using social media, computers and mobile devices face a slightly steeper learning curve when it comes to fully leveraging these technologies.

Content creation platforms and big data analytics are just a few of the digital technologies that can benefit PR by granting access to a better understanding of audiences. Millennials have an enthusiasm about the introduction of technology; our eagerness can be built on and teamed with the hard-earned wisdom of practitioners from different generations to create a hybrid and collaborative PR environment.

Social aptitude
Social platforms have opened the door for the world to communicate like never before. It’s one thing to consciously learn social media because you knew it would be the next big thing, it’s completely different to have instilled in your life. The proliferation of social media usage is not merely a way for millennials to moderate boredom but can also be used for the purpose of networking as well as to spread awareness and information.

Despite the fact that in some industries social media, mobile and internet usage can be a sure way to kill productivity, in PR it’s part of the job. Having a whole generation who are well versed in social communication means the PR community can keep up to speed with the digital era.

Trend conscious
Understanding the current trends shaping the world is a major aspect of PR. Like the youth generations before them, millennials are informed on the latest entertainment, market and social trends. Millennials have no problem keeping up-to-date with events shaping the world and can share their acumen with senior staff that may be less adept to current trends.

The influx of millennials into the workforce has the ability to impact almost every industry. PR stands to gain a lot from the millennial shift, due to our affinity with the digital world. What’s more, by embracing this generation and as millennials grow up to become the consumer majority, PR stands to benefit even further.