21 Sep 2016

Spreckley joins Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce to capitalise on regional expertise in Scotland

PR consultancy Spreckley has reaffirmed its commitment to Scotland by announcing that it has joined the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, which accounts for the central regions of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling, and is home to its satellite office.

Established in 1992, the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce provides an array of products and services designed to help its members growth and develop their businesses. It currently has 220 listed members spanning a variety of industries including financial services, technology, healthcare services, retail, and more.

By becoming a member, Spreckley will look to capitalise on the region’s desire for continual growth. The Forth Valley is home to more than 15,000 businesses and has a strong and stable local economy supporting a cross-section of highly developed industries, including financial services, food & drink and a rapidly emerging digital technology sector. The Stirling University Innovation Park has over 40 research and development businesses based on its site, and is a key example of how the area uses its academic strengths and supportive business infrastructure to drive business innovation and progression.

The Chamber’s tailor-made membership packages mean both parties stand to benefit from access to networking events and warm-lead introductions, as well as training workshops and seminars designed to develop and showcase business expertise.

Nick Bird, Account Director for Spreckley Scotland commented: “Scotland’s tech scene is really thriving with cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow leading the way. While they remain critical hubs for our growth plans, it’s equally important we are able to stay plugged into our own local region within Scotland.

“The Forth Valley is home to an ever-growing selection of exciting businesses doing some really innovative things. Being part of the Chamber not only provides that inroad for making those connections more freely, but also reinforces our own commitment to the region as we are able to provide the necessary comms support that enable those businesses to showcase their expertise. We see this as the start of what we hope is a very rewarding relationship.”

Michelle McKearnon, CEO of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce also echoed these points: “The Forth Valley really is a fantastic place to be doing business at present. We are seeing a huge amount of growth, which is being driven by a culture of world class innovation amongst industries such as technology, sport, financial services and construction. This is inspired by an increasing number of pioneering companies, a progressive University and access to talented workforce. Having Spreckley join the Chamber just reaffirms that message as we both share the same goals of bringing continual investment and growth to the region.”

You can reach Spreckley Scotland via our main switchboard number, 020 7388 9988 or by emailing Nick Bird at [email protected]