11 Apr 2023


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Spreckley chosen for UK launch of Segway Navimow robotic lawnmower

Spreckley chosen for UK launch of Segway Navimow robotic lawnmower.

Spreckley launching Navimow, Segway’s award-winning robotic lawnmower, and the new AI-powered VisionFence Sensor to the UK market

Segway-Ninebot, the robotics giant renowned for its iconic self-balancing scooter, has selected Spreckley PR to launch Navimow, an AI-powered robotic lawnmower, in the UK. Building on the success of Navimow’s 2021 launch in Asia and mainland Europe, Spreckley will be the driving force behind Navimow’s entry into the UK market, generating news and reviews coverage across gardening, tech and national press.

Segway-Ninebot is an automotive powerhouse that operates across a wide range of sectors including delivery robots, electric scooters and go karts. The initial launch of Navimow was a highly successful first foray into the gardening industry for Segway, establishing Navimow’s credentials as one of the first mass-market robotic mowers to run without perimeter wires as a strong selling point for consumers.

In addition to launching Navimow into the UK market, Segway is also working with Spreckley to launch the innovative, AI-powered VisionFence Sensor, a new Navimow accessory that facilitates more intelligent and accurate mowing through an advanced visual recognition algorithm.

Colin Li, Marketing Manager at Segway Navimow, commented: “Navimow was greeted with a glowing reception in Asia and mainland Europe, and we’re excited to introduce this award-winning product to new markets and showcase the possibilities of robotic mowing to more people. We needed an agency that could build on this momentum and lead Navimow’s seamless transition into the UK market – Spreckley was the perfect candidate. Spreckley came with a proven track record of launching consumer-tech products, along with an extensive understanding of the press we’re targeting, which filled us with confidence that the Spreckley team will deliver outstanding results for Navimow’s UK launch.”

Richard Merrin, CEO of Spreckley PR, commented: “We’re proud to position ourselves as a communications leader in the B2B tech space, but we also have extensive experience in the consumer tech industry and welcome the opportunity to widen our presence in the sector through this latest project with Segway. Navimow is an intuitive, unique and quite brilliant innovation, and our passion for the product really showed throughout the pitching process. Segway is a true pioneer of the robotics industry, and we’re excited to raise the profile of this latest offering and show UK consumers what they’re missing.”