5 Sep 2016

Spreckley opens new central Scotland office

Capitalising on Scotland’s booming tech sector

PR consultancy Spreckley is looking to capitalise on the exceptional growth currently taking place within the digital technology sector in Scotland with the opening of a new satellite office in Stirling, central Scotland. This will focus on delivering first-class, highly-integrated communications to the budding tech market north of the border.

Spreckley currently has a client portfolio that ranges from major international companies and brands, to smaller specialist businesses and innovators. For over 30 years the agency has focused on delivering creativity, commitment to results and high-end client services for a broad spectrum of clients. Located in Stirling with easy access to growing tech hubs such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen, Spreckley will be positioned to offer prospective clients both regional outreach as well as access to international markets through its central London head office.

Over the past five years Scotland’s tech sector has grown at an astonishing rate (43.4 per cent over the last five years) second only to London, with increasing start-up activity creating a wide range of new entrants to the market. Innovative start-ups such as Fanduel, Outplay, Skyscanner and Rockstar North have taken advantage of this ever booming industry by choosing Scotland as their home.

Currently, 84,000 people work in digital technologies in Scotland, generating more than £5bn in GVA across 1,500 businesses. These companies are engaged in a variety of activities from software development and IT services to digital agencies, games development and telecommunications.

Spreckley Scotland is led by Account Director Nick Bird: “Confidence and innovation have been critical to the success seen in Scotland’s tech market. The number of new start-up technology companies springing up in the likes of Edinburgh, Glasgow and other major Scottish cites is increasing rapidly. Companies such as Skyscanner and FanDuel have now grown to become global heavyweights.

“Alongside this upsurge in new and innovative companies, we are also seeing an increase in global technology names setting up operations in the region – Microsoft, Apple and Amazon all now have premises in cities such as Edinburgh. For Spreckley this represents an opportunity to capitalise on this and expand our portfolio to access the growing number of tech specialist’s north of the border.”

Richard Merrin, Managing Director of Spreckley commented: “Often there is a tendency to bypass regional markets in favour of staying loyal to cities such as London and Manchester – doing so means huge, untapped potential is being overlooked. We want to address this by delivering a region-wide strategy that places a strong emphasis on business development amongst major tech hubs such as Scotland with potential to expand further into other areas within the UK.”

You can reach Spreckley Scotland via our main switchboard number, 020 7388 9988 or by emailing Nick Bird at [email protected]