17 Jan 2017

Putting Promon on the global cybersecurity map

The Client

Promon is a Norwegian company specialising in enterprise app security, enabling its clients to secure their proprietary apps with software that makes them self-defending against a range of mobile-based cyber attacks.

Prior to this project, Promon was a small cybersecurity company with minor influence outside of the Nordic region. As part of the company’s plans to grow its reputation, Promon wanted to make a name for itself in the congested cybersecurity landscape. Key to this aim was to establish a presence for the company beyond the specialist technology and security media.

The goals

When the client announced plans to film a video showing how a Tesla car can be located, unlocked and driven away by hacking the app, Spreckley saw this as an opportunity.

Through a tailored pitching strategy and the use of an embargo for priority titles, Spreckley was able to secure superb results for the Promon story.

The project’s success was truly global – expanding well beyond Promon’s usual remit in terms of press coverage. Highlights included stories published in Forbes, Fortune and International Business Times, marking the first time that Promon has appeared in these outlets. Breaking through into the business-focused media was a key long-term priority for Promon, and this result significantly surpassed expectations in this regard.

In addition to widespread coverage in both UK and North American media, the story was covered in 20 other foreign languages including French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish, with journalists from across Europe and Asia taking an interest in the project.

For the client in the short term, the quality of the content and the subsequent coverage has yielded immediate tangible benefits in the form of a series of new business leads. In the longer term, the results represent a major breakthrough, where a virtually unknown cybersecurity company was catapulted to international media prominence on the back of a single project.

This will stand the client in good stead for future media work, and will go a long way towards firmly establishing Promon as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space.

The achievements

UK coverage

Over 160 pieces of coverage achieved across a wide range of UK-based and international outlets.

Global coverage

Made the breakthrough into globally renowned business publications including Forbes, Fortune and International Business Times.

Foreign language coverage

English-language coverage inspired stories in 20 foreign languages, highlighting the truly global reach of the project.

New business leads

Produced several new business leads for the company.