1 Sep 2017

Making the most of my summer internship with Spreckley!

Rosie Challis – Intern at Spreckley

There is a certain worry that dawns on every young student – what do I want to do with my life when I graduate? This was something I faced during my second year of University, which came with frantic Googling of different sectors and quizzes that are supposed to lead me in the right direction. After thoroughly researching my options, due to my life-long love of writing, I decided I would try out public relations.

Internships themselves can vary greatly. For a lot of people this involves mundane tasks and tea runs, but with my internship at Spreckley I have gained an insight into PR rather than developing my hot beverage making skills. I have discovered that there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. Yes, there is writing and meetings with journalists, but there is also networking, coverage searches and compiling lists of journalists you would like to reach. There is plenty that needs to happen to run a successful PR agency, and throughout my internship I have felt like a vital part of that.

I have been tasked with urgent jobs to help support the rest of the team and given daily tasks such as the Spreckley Tech newsletter, which has allowed me to understand what kind of news clients are interested in. My personal favourite highlight was drafting a byline for one of the clients. It gave me a chance to understand what would be expected from me, alongside growing my writing skills.

The team at Spreckley have been amazing and through their hard work, passion for getting their clients where they want to be, delivering creative campaigns (and many other things!), they have inspired me to mirror this kind of dedication in my future endeavours.

The most important aspect of this experience is that it’s allowed me to ‘try-out’ the industry to see if this is what I would like to do as my career. Prior to my internship, I was unsure as to whether working in an agency would be for me. However, the fast-paced, ever-changing environment has appealed to me. The range of clients Spreckley works with means that there is always something new to learn and explore, so every day is different.

I believe that Spreckley has allowed me to develop and grow in confidence. I have learnt about things that I have never been exposed to, namely – tech and PR, and I now have an interest in them. Reflecting on this, my future aspirations are to continue to spread my wings into the world of PR. My experience at Spreckley has been very positive – it has allowed me to understand what working life is like and discover that PR is a field I am wanting to pursue.


If you’d like to discover more about the Spreckley internship programme, contact [email protected]