Every brand needs a point, a sharp definition of its purpose that will stick in people’s minds.

It stands to reason that a brand aligned behind a shared point will have a better chance of success than one that isn’t. This means making decisions about what that one point is, and that can be very challenging. Brand strategy is a tool that can equip start-ups and established businesses to be able to make those decisions.

Bruce founded the specialist brand strategy practice The Brand Arrow® in 2009 and has since delivered over 120 assignments in Europe and North America in a variety of sectors across B2B and B2C.

In 2019 the brand strategy book, What’s Your Point? was published containing the proprietary Brand Arrow® framework, winning silver at the US Business Book Awards (Axiom).

As well as running his brand strategy practice, Bruce regularly speaks at conferences, business schools and facilitates workshops. He is an accredited Vistage CEO network speaker and a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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"Brilliant! Bruce took the senior leadership team through the Brand Arrow® process, helping us focus on the value we deliver to customers, shift our mindset and identifying the need for a benefit led brand strategy that is now shaping the content of our new web site, marketing collateral and messaging. Great job, thank you!"  
Sal Murdoch
Marketing Director, Fiscal Technologies 

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