22 Oct 2018

Dogfish Mobile enlists Spreckley to help it break regional boundaries

The client

Founded in 2009, Scotland-based Dogfish Mobile is a cutting-edge enterprise mobility specialist. Its passion is mobile, both consumer and business facing.

Using innovative solutions, it provides enterprise level scalable mobile solutions and strategies for some of the world’s most successful companies, across a variety of markets including leisure & travel, public sector, financial and health services.

The goals

Dogfish, specialises in developing enterprise grade mobile solutions that leverage habit-forming technology to drive greater user engagement that changes how people behave. By understanding the psychology of app usage, including the triggers, actions, rewards and the investment an individual makes in an application, the company is able to identify and implement the hooks that keep people coming back.

Dogfish’s ability to leverage habit forming technology positioned it as a real pioneer in mobile app development. The company had built up a solid base of customers amongst its local market of Stirling (Scotland), through its senior management team, but recognised that in order to take the business to the next level, it needed to push beyond the boundaries into the wider UK. The company had discussed the prospect of enlisting a PR agency but felt was unable to find an agency to support its specific needs – until it met Spreckley.

Spreckley’s unique position of having a central HQ in London combined with a satellite office in Stirling meant it was perfectly placed to provide the on-hand regional support combined with direct access to core growth markets such as London.

Through a highly targeted campaign Spreckley was able to not only grow the brand regionally but also generate significant awareness amongst wider audiences such as London, reinforcing its position at the forefront of mobile app development.

The achievements

Mobile World Congress launch

An initial launch campaign, coinciding with Dogfish’s presence at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This provided the springboard to launch the business to a wider media audience. Introductory briefings were held with both national and trade media to introduce the brand, its proposition and key personnel.

Forming good habits

This was followed up with a highly targeted media campaign aimed at tech and mobile press. The focus was to introduce the concept of habit forming technology to this audience and also position Dogfish at the forefront of this technology. In total over 120 pieces of coverage were achieved in a five-month period. Notable highlights within this included the likes of Forbes, The Scotsman, The Herald, Information Age, Computer Weekly and Internet of Business.

High praise at the UK IT Industry Awards

With Spreckley supporting the award entry process, Dogfish was ‘highly commended’ at the UK IT Industry Awards for ‘Mobile App of the Year’.

This commendation related to its work with Public Health England and the ‘Sugar Smart’ app – which encourages children to make healthier eating choices.