19 Aug 2019

Spreckley brings a RIPPL of surprise to the retail space

The client

Conversity is a technology company operating in the retail and telecommunications sectors, specialising in intelligent guided selling technology. Its flagship offering, known as RIPPL, aids in the creation of positive, seamless customer journeys by simplifying the complex process of researching and buying products – thereby leading to higher sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

The goal

Conversity is still a relatively young company, so the leadership team wanted to increase its presence and influence in its industry and position the business as a prominent thought leader. This was especially important given that Conversity was working on a number of important projects with leading telecommunications providers at the time.

Having worked with Spreckley for several months on media campaigns and an intelligence paper, Conversity decided to commission an independent research project which would give the company some unique insights and statistics into retail shopping habits.

To launch the project, Spreckley liaised with Conversity to establish the key priorities for the campaign, before crafting a series of questions for a survey aimed at consumers who had purchased high-value items over the course of the previous year. Market research firm Censuswide then launched the survey.

Once the results were analysed, Spreckley produced a white paper examining the key findings, designed to provide some unique commentary on consumer behaviour in the retail sector. By gathering and promoting fresh data on the market, Conversity hopes that this project will elevate the company to a position of powerful thought leader in the sector.


Understanding the consumer

Conversity has been positioned as a trailblazer in examining and understanding consumer behaviour patterns and defining how retailers should approach their relationships with their customers

Promoting Conversity

A stand-out piece of marketing material for Conversity to use in their ongoing lead-generation and promotional efforts

Campaign success

Following the success of this campaign, Conversity signed up to run a similar campaign shortly afterwards.