24 Oct 2016

TmaxSoft turns to Freedom of Information to drive home its core message

The Client


TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 in Korea and has developed a host enterprise software solutions which now compete with the global software powerhouses.

TmaxSoft is a new entrant into the UK market and in recent years has been taking on the giant in the relational database management market, Oracle, with a series of nimble media campaigns designed to play to its core USPs: a cost-effective alternative to the dominant player, performance, and rapid implementation.

Over the past year TmaxSoft has undertaken an aggressive campaign positioning itself against Oracle in terms of cost, license simplicity and flexibility in a move designed to put clear blue water between the two vendors.

Spreckley recommended using Freedom of Information to identify the extent of Oracle’s reach across London’s 32 Borough Councils, its cost to Council Tax payers and whether or not audits had been undertaken and at what cost.

The Goals

The campaign itself was designed specifically to challenge the claim from Oracle that it was being used in the majority of London Boroughs. However, from TmaxSoft’s perspective the campaign was also to identify the cost of running Oracle in the ‘Age of Austerity’ thereby positioning the vendor as a cost effective alternative to it.

All 32 London Boroughs were contacted and asked the same questions on their individual Oracle estates. The results were analysed and compiled to give an overall picture across London.


Brochure content and design

Campaign assets included: a specific six page flyer which was designed and created with all content, copy and other assets delivered by Spreckley.


Campaign with backbone

This provided the backbone to the campaign loaded onto a specific microsite on the TmaxSoft UK blog which was also created and managed by Spreckley.

... and the survey says...

An aggressive media campaign was then created based on the survey findings from the Freedom of Information results.

High hitting media targets

Media coverage included leading IT titles such as Computer Weekly, Computing, The Register as well as CRM and local government titles.

A positive reputation

TmaxSoft has since developed a reputation for devising highly creative ways of generating media attention for the brand.