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The Client




The Goals


Leading stationery manufacturers, Tollit & Harvey turned to Spreckley to create an innovative campaign to promote its brand in the business to business market and to drive traffic to its website. With other stationery manufacturers focused on targeting office suppliers, Spreckley suggested looking at the creative and inspirational uses of stationery. With a range of Note Books under the Europa brand in its product portfolio the creative concept of doodling was developed.

To give the campaign credibility, Spreckley contacted a leading graphologist who was able to provide expert advice on the art of doodling. The graphologist helped Spreckley create a survey for the campaign and using the results, Spreckley promoted Tollit & Harvey via an intensive media relations programme and also through the use of the Tollit & Harvey website. In the first week of the campaign, the website received over 2,500 hits, over 250% more than average.



Paper innovation

Spreckley differentiated Tollit & Harvey from other stationery manufacturers; to promote the Europa brand without focusing on the standard benefits of stationery, and to position the brand as innovative.

The Spreckley solution


Spreckley approached leading graphologist, Diane Simpson, to provide expert advice on the art of doodling. Graphology enables the detection and assessment of key personality elements such as ambition, energy, sociability, adaptability, and sensitivity through the analysis of doodling or handwriting. Diane, who is on the board of The British Academy of Graphology (BAOG), helped Spreckley formulate the content for the campaign.

Spreckley issued a survey asking for participants to doodle throughout the working day and include details of when and where the various doodles took place. This information was collated and sent to Diane to analyse. Diane broke down the various doodles into five doodling stereotypes:

  • The ambitious doodler
  • The free spirited doodler
  • The impatient doodler
  • The romantic doodler
  • The insecure doodler

Diane also provided Spreckley with a quote to use on press releases, marketing materials and include on the website.

Campaign execution


Spreckley used the information provided by Diane to design an attention grabbing ‘Doodle Guide’, which was the focal point of the campaign. This was available to download from the Tollit & Harvey website and includes an in-depth analysis of the results of the survey. Through the Doodle Guide, Tollit & Harvey was able to educate potential and seasoned doodlers on the ‘ins and outs’ of doodling, highlighting key issues such as the importance of the placement of doodle on the page, the pressure used, the various popular shapes and choices in ink colour.

A press release was drafted directing readers to the Doodle Guide on the Tollit & Harvey website and was sent out to the national newspapers, regional radio stations, consumer women’s magazines and then the secretarial and office trade press.

What a result

The campaign was a massive success with coverage achieved across range of key publications, resulting in an impressive 15 live radio interviews including a slot on the popular channel, LBC Radio. It also achieved coverage in The Guardian, Office Secretary and a double page spread across 20 regional newspapers. Most importantly the website hits increased by a whopping 250% with the Europa brand mentioned repeatedly. Over 2,500 Doodle Guides were downloaded from the site.